Unity Asset Store Won't Download

Hi guys. I am having a problem with The Asset Store. SO I am trying to download Brackeys’ Inventory Sysetem, so I have visited the page and selected open in Unity. Unfortunately, it says “please wait” and I have been waiting for over half an hour. I have also retried. This also happens with other assets. I am on Unity 4. Thank you.

Hey there,
im having the same issue from time to time.

SOLUTION: 1.close asset store in unity if opened.
2. In your browser go to asset store and log out from your account.
3. Log in again.
4. Click on open in unity and it should open now.


Open Unity, go to window then choose Asset Store, a new window will open, now login and then find your desired asset, click download.

from what i know, it says “please wait” to check if you are logged in or not, but maybe your browser losing a required plugin so using the Asset Store from inside of unity should solve your problem.

Good Luck.

Answer by DomX996 · 1 sec ago
I had the same problem:- reason is your firewall is blocking Unity, after saving exit Unity:- go to:- Windows - Control panel- System and security - Windows Firewall- Allow a program through Windows Firewall- Change settings- Allow another program - a list will come up, choose - Unity- check both boxes and add