Unity assets are not importing

Hello, I am new to unity development, need some help. I tried to download unity tutorial stealth, it asked me to open in unity. which I did, it ran some countdown of percentage, after reaching 100%, It asked me to import. I am clicking import button but no action is being performed. When I make right click on “import” button, it gives message,“localized string not found”. Please, help. thanks.

Hi penoms,

I remember that this has happened to me too, I would suggest you to check / do one of the following things:

  • Restart Unity
  • Delete the asset and try again (Re-download it)
  • As N1warhead said, try to import another Unity Project and see if that works
  • Restart your PC, this will often always fix it
  • Check if there’s any compatibility issues, such as not enough RAM etc.
  • Try download another asset and see if you have the same problem

If nothing else works backup all your Unity Projects and do a fresh re-install of Unity (I know it’s boring but it might help!)

Hope it helps! :slight_smile: