Unity Awards 2016 Voting has Begun!

This years Unity Awards 2016 finalists have been chosen!

After reviewing hundreds of nominations and countless hours of deliberation, we’re excited to announce the finalists for this year’s Unity Awards which will take place at Unite 2016 Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 1st.

This year we have eleven award categories for Made with Unity projects including the Golden Cube, Best Desktop/Console Game, Best Mobile Game, Best VR Game, Best VR Experience, Best 3D Visuals, Best 2D Visuals, Best VizSim Project, Best Non-game Project, Best Student Project, and Asset Store Award.

Everyone can now vote for their favorite projects here!

Cool. Congrats to the nominees!

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Agreed, congrats to all!

Out of curiosity, why is Script Inspector 3 not there in the Asset Store choices? It is by far the most useful Asset Store asset I have ever seen — impeccable quality, and more useful on a daily basis than the rest of the Asset Store combined (including my own humble contributions).

My theory: it is so much better than other ways of editing code, that Unity is a little embarrassed by it. :)

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Not sure but I'm happy to see TextMesh Pro is finally in. @Stephan-B deserves a prize :)
Same goes to The Room 3.

Might be because it didn't come out this year, it was one of the finalists from last year.

Congrats all! Wish I had time to play them all - now back to developing/animating!


Congrats to all! I wish one day be there! :smile:

Sad to see even this year there is no Final IK, @Partel-Lang has made the best asset ever!

Awesome! Time to vote, then