Unity batch mode process freezes


I have a strange problem: I am trying to do automated builds of unity projects using batch mode. Platform is Windows 2008 Server R2. Unity Version is 3.3. Batch mode is called via Ant.

So what happens... from time to time, the Unity process will freeze for no obvious reason. Having a look at the produced assets, it seems everything is done. Still, Unity process will deadlock(?) forever, at 0% CPU load. There are no logs, system events or anything else that could help.

Did any of you have similar problems? I would be happy about any hint.

Best, Nils

running into the same thing - jenkins build is stuck at the exact same step, it lists all of the used assets, but never completes. unity sits there at 0% usage forever until I kill the process.

I’m in Windows 8.1 for what it’s worth…

The same editor script works fine from in the editor (I have it attached to a menu item as well, so I’m sure it’s not the editor script).

Am able to report the same thing happening too with 5.5.1