Unity big sprite size and how to deal with it.

Alright, so I was trying to get some maps from from TileD, which is an awesome tile mapper, exported in PNG formats. Most of the maps were around size of 800kb that was a nightmare enough and just when I made them sprite in unity they magically became around 2-3mb in size.

Now I haven’t tested exporting an apk yet but I am really worried since a typical rpg game may even have 500+ maps and it’s not gonna work out like this.
Any solution or workaround to this ?

  1. Use compression (i.e. PVRTC 4 Bits)
  2. Instead of adding variety by using different tiles, reuse them but alter with other objects i.e. decals.
  3. Load only what you need for current level from resources.

Bigger games do have a lot of texture assets, they split build into asset bundles, you can find plenty of a few hundred MB games out there for mobile. The main problem is to display and keep in memory only what you need, otherwise you will quickly run out of memory.