Unity - Blender compatibility

Hi, I ran into a problem of compatibility of Unity and Blender.
I’m using Blender 2.61 r42615 and Unity 3.4.2f3 and it seems that they’re not quite compatible.

First, if I try to import .blend files directly I get errors saying that the files can’t be parsed properly or something like that.

Second, if I import an FBX file from Blender, use it in a prefab and then try to instantiate it, I always get the object placed at 0, 0, 0, no matter what I pass to the instantiation function or the script constructor.

My question is: Is there a list somewhere which indicates which versions of Unity and Blender are compatible and which are not? If there’s no such list, what’s the latest combination that works for you?


Take a look at the ExternalToolsSection in the forum, there is a lot of info about blender and unity.

I´am still working with the old 2.49b version of blender and since the 2.6.xx realeses to the latest it is working just fine, but iirc the newer versions are mostly working too.

Never had a problem with FBXs. But, if you can drag it into the scene yourself and move the transform around, then it must be working. If you don’t check it off, the FBX importer creates a fake animation. Maybe that snaps you to (0,0,0)? Try removing it.

Animation from the “new” Blender 2.6, using Modifiers to attach the armature, those don’t work for me at all (using Unity 3.4.1.) The animation played, and moved the bone transforms, but not the mesh. I had to use the old “parent mesh to Armature” method, in Blender.