Unity, Blender, Ragdoll, Breakforce not working

Oke, so here is the question, if i make my character in blender, in 1 mesh, add the armature and later on use the wizard in unity to add the ragdoll. Everything works fine. But if i want the head to break of at a specific force, it will act realy weird, the vertices stay connected and i have no idea how to fix this.

Please can someone help?

Detach the head in Blender before export.

What you need can be done dynamically, but it’s a very complex process.
There’s an utility in our URG software that does just this without 3d editing the original model, and it’s called the Dismemberator. You can see it in action in the free version, from our signature.


With URG Dismemberator:

  1. create a ragdoll for the game character model
  2. use the dismemberator compiler. in 1 click, it installs a component with model data.
  3. execute a single line of code on the part to dismember, and you get particles and cut triangles instantiation.

Without URG Dismemberator:

  1. create a separate mesh for each part to dismember
  2. close the gaps that appear by separating the parts (ie the bottom of the neck on the head, and the top of the neck on the torso)
  3. paint the vertices properly, making sure that no neck bones belong to the torso, and viceversa
  4. export
  5. in Unity, clone the original gameobject and destroy the complements (so you get one gameobject with the detached part only, and the other gameobject without the detached part).
    This last step is not fundamental, but can lead to culling issues if you use the same gameobject and just unparent the detached part (URG instead creates standalone gameobjects for each separation).