Unity Blur for Free

How do I make a camera look blurry without image effects from pro. I was just wondering if you can emulate a blur by placing a plane in front of the camera and it having a blurry material. Can you help me out? Is there any script which will blur the Camera?

I don’t know if this will solve your problem, but there is a blur shader available for free from the Asset store. More info:


A real full-screen blur uses the render texture trick – you draw everything to a fake “screen plane”, then run a blur shader on that. Now your trees blur into your ground and cars, etc… .

Without Pro-only render textures, you can’t blur between objects. So, you could run a blur shader on a wall, but the edges will still be sharp.

Hi,As i believe the blur image effect wiil work with unity free else


Create a plane or cube and scale it and add this texture to it and set it material to Transparent diffuse and set the tile x and y to 7 or any other number you feel will make it look right and place it front of the camera ans play with color setting of the plane

Texture Here

You can create this texture by clicking on Render clouds in photoshop

not “free free” but works on “unity free”