Unity breaks game build

So, i’ve been working on a game in unity.
Everything worked fine in the editor. Then, I built it.
In the standalone build, there was an asonine amount of glitches, including game breakimg ones. But, back in the editor, everything was fine. No glitcjes, no crashes. It all was OK.

Your question specifies crash on building it on your build platform.

This could be you’re using some assets or files in the scene which are not compatible with the build.

  1. You can create an empty scene and try to build that scene on your device.

  2. If above works fine then, the settings of the project is okay. Now try and run the application using Unity Remote if its a mobile build.

  3. Alternate option is remove objects one by one and check.

This usually happens when there is some object in your scene which have compilations issues in the script or the shader or the object is using material which is not compatible with the platform.

Hope it helps.