Unity bug 946068



This bug states that it is fixed on 2017.2. I have tested with the latest (2017.2.0f2) and the bug is not resolved.

I only make this thread because it seems the bug is fixed in 2017.3b2 so I'm wondering if this bug is considered fixed by Unity in 2017.2 by accident.

This bug prevents runtime mesh generation so all mesh baking tools are broken!

If someone from Unity could please clarify ASAP which Unity stream this fix will appear in so I can figure out what Unity version I will be using!

Thank you

Hi jmitcheson,
The fix for this bug has been ported to 2017.1.1f1 and 2017.3.0b1 but not to 2017.2 yet. Unfortunately the issuetracker doesn't allow for a distinguished display of version specific states.

I see; thank you.