Unity Bug? Character joints NOT working after simple manual repositioning

I have 2 ragdoll characters using the Ethan Unity character model, both made with the Unity ragdoll creator. The 1st one I left in the T-pose. The 2nd one I manually repositioned 1 leg in the editor (rotated locally at the joints). See first screenshot.

The 1st ragdoll works great. The 2nd ragdoll does not; the leg that I manually positioned is “stiffer” and always tries to bend itself back to its original position, as you can see in the second screenshot below.

I have done nothing else to the ragdolls except add the generic “drag ragdoll script” to my scene, and I kept everything really simple, so I’m thinking maybe this is a Unity bug?

This is a game-breaker for me so I really need some help here if anyone has any advice! I’ve been working on this project for over a month and I’m committed to completing it as a full, published game. But I have to be able to use ragdolls that are pre-positioned.

Unity Bug?? Ragdoll character joints not functioning properly

Well, it looks like I solved my own problem, but I’ll leave this post on here in case anyone else ever has the same issue.

The problem is that I was rotating the limbs in the local mode (button at the top of the editor), instead of the global mode. Who would have thought that such a simple thing would cause such a headache…