Unity Bug, Letting User To touch two UI Buttons as same time (simultaneously)

Assume I have two UI Buttons, both onclick is registered to call some methods, Logging a message and then Instantiating a Fullscreen image into canvas blocking further touches, for example the first button onclick calling:

public void Test() { Debug.Log("Test") Instantiate(fullScreenPrefab, canvas); }

and another calling a similar method just logging Test_2 instead.

I’m sure the instantiated image will block raycast and further touches, because after that I’m not able to touch my buttons, so its working correctly.

But The problem is, if on android build, we touch both buttons exactly at the same frame both buttons onClick are triggered. so having two logs and even two images instantiated

My question is, how to stop unity from letting multiple buttons to be touched at a exactly same frame.

Disabling Multi Touch will solve this problem, but In my real project I can not disable it, because I need it, letting user to zoom in/out the game map.

Ii may be thought why should some one concern with this problem, the answer is, in real world, and in our released version, we can say for sure a lot of users are doing these king of things, causing serious problems for our game, we detect this problem based on our GA Analytics logs.

I cant think of a clean way of solving it, more hacky ways, but force the user to not be clicking with both fingers while pressing the button

void OnClickEvent()
   if (Input.touchCount > 1)

   //Your Stuff