Unity bug [?]

Hi! I’ve got a scene in my project. Last evening I saved my scene and opened today, but some objects are in other position (incorrect position). Some of them have incorrect scale too. I tried to off all my scripts, but it isn’t fix my problem. I’m going to try to open my project on other computer with Unity. I hope it can solve that. But I want to ask you - do you had something like this? Do you know how to solve my problem?

[EDIT] - I noticed now that when I change something with parents of these object which has incorrect transform their position is changed again, but still it’s incorrect.

What does “change something with parents” mean? If you have objects as childs of another object and you change this object’s rotation or scale it affects all child objects since you modified the local space of the parent object.

You can be sure that there is no “bug” that magically changes position / roatation / scale values of a saved scene. You might have changed the scaling of a parent object or changes the scaling of a prefab which might have affected all instances of that prefab.

So it turns out that the problem was a default animation which affected the child objects.