Unity Build error when not used B.dll referenced by A.dll I used, it couldn't build successfully.

When I used A.dll, but A.dll have included B.dll.

But actually I won’t use B.dll

When I build, it will show that:

【ArgumentException: The Assembly A is referenced by B (‘Assets/Plugins/B.dll’). But the dll is not allowed to be included or could not be found.】

I have asked my college to give me the missed dll but not actually used in my project, but it will pop out another missed dll referenced by that missed dll…keep recycling…

So I don’t know if there are some kind of way to deal with this situation ><

It’s hard to find the answer through the current searching engine…

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Yeah fuck this. Even worse for me. I use the referenced dll but I encapsuled it into another dll because unity was saying it produces errors (hint: it doesnt). Now I excluded the referenced dll from build and it wont let me build. All I want it is to build anyway and I will copy it manually. Because if I include the dll to build it will throw errors when loading the dll instead of just copying it.
The really retaded thing is that it will actually run and use all the dlls methods without problems when launched from editor. All I want is to build it and not care. Next step is: I will build a fake version of the “not working” dll, build my project with that one and then replace it after build. Just ridiculous.