Unity, build for Android x86_64


Is this possible to make a build for Android x86_64? I can’t find it in Unity 2018.

Goole Play requires the support for 64 bit processors and will not accept the APK without such support since August 1-st 2019.

Is the option to build Android x86_64 APK available in Unity?

and what about android emulator? Android 8.0(Oreo) api 26 and up have only x86 system images.

I have found the answer to my question. It’s impossible because x86 is dead.
Android x86 support will be deprecated in Unity 2019.2 and removed entirely in Unity 2019.3.

I have submitted a request to Google Play to drop x64 requirements for x86. Have not got any answers from them yet.

Unity doesn’t include the option to build for x86_64, but it can build ARM64 (compatible with 64bit ARM chips) which satisfies Google Play’s requirements.

You need to switch the Scripting Backend (in Project Settings > Player > Other Settings) to IL2CPP, and then click the checkbox for ARM64.

Guys… I ended up by giving up my support to x86/(x86_64 if it was there…) architectures…

I found a link after hours spent on Google… and in straight thought: less than 2% devices are using x86/x86_64 cpu architectures… Important point is if your App offers support to ChromeBook you will have to wait the Google team provide some workaround… But since it is not my case I unchecked the x86 box on “Player Settings”/“Other Settings”…

Just to give it written: I spent many, many hours trying to fix this issue directly on Unity (I download the 2018.3.14 only to check if it was solved… and nothing), on NDK (I tried to download other versions - But have the correct NDK version for every Unity version).

I’m using Unity versions 2018.2.0 and 2018.3.14 and none of these the x86_64 box appears.

Useful links (the ones where I decided don’t offer support to x86 target architectures):



Well… I will go on with this approach… I hope you can find better approach for you.

just disable x86, like this:


taked from: