Unity build (with Unity Ads) not showing ads to SOME people


I recently published a game to Google Play. When I download it on my phone and press to watch an Ad everything works fine. Some people have told me that when they do it nothing happens. No ad is delivered to them. Seems like some people don’t get the ads at all, and some do. Why does this happen? Are there no ads available for them at that time?

Please help me with this. I was thinking that something is wrong somewhere, idk.

Thank you!

I talked to a user in India that had the problem of ads not showing up. I also talked to Unity Ads support. We have come to conclusion that the issue here is that there were issues regarding ad availability in India at the time of writing this. That is what caused the users issues. Unity is trying to resolve this issue at the moment. If anyone has this problem, this might be the cause.

Try implementing a popup that tells you if ads aren’t available at the moment using this:

if (Advertisement.IsReady(myplacementID))
//Display a popup saying that ads aren’t available at the moment