Unity buttons stopped working on Editor

Im using Unity 5.3 and suddenly my buttons stopped working on the Editor (all of them, every scene) without changing anything related with the canvas. They work for Android though.

I checked there’s no panel on top of them, they have their raycast activated, there is one Eventsystem on the scene… As I said, nothing changed with the canvas.

Restarting my PC would allow me to click buttons for the first or second time I play the editor… but then it just stops working.

Edit: Using Windows 8.1 on a mac mini

In Event System, check “Force Module Active”

I had the same problem but the buttons was fine on platform. Something happened with the game window, so i just closed it, changed the layout and voila, every silly button worked like a charm.

Try running in windows compatability mode?

@Heissayen I had this exact problem and to fix it I just deleted all the scenes in the build menu and re-added them, now works perfectly. Hope this helps.