Unity C# help for beginners tutorial needed (Urgent)

Hellow :slight_smile: Me and a Friend Are wonted to learn C# for unity but we cannot find any tutorials specifcialy suited for unity It has to be a basic beginners tutorial as we are not familyer with C# we no bits of The java script but thats about it my friend knows VB Batch Java and simple codes if anybody could send me a link for a tutorial would be much abliged :smiley:

Thanks : Benji & Alex

watch here: http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/ScriptReference/

This is a place related to unity and anything you need or want to know just type in the search bar and for C# just in the part of example script just change javascript to C#, this page may help you a lot when you need to find something you want.
Also if you search in youtube โ€œunity3d c# tutorialโ€ you will find some tutorials of several things.

For basic C#: C# Station