Unity Cache Server - When upgrading to new version of Cache Server, is it ok to use the pre-existing cache/ directory full of cached objects produced by the previous version?

We are new to using Unity Cache Server (4.6.1), and I was wondering if I can safely keep using the same cache/ directory full of cached objects created by this version (4.6.1), if a newer version came out say 4.6.2 or 4.7 or 5.0 etc, in the future.

I have been unable to locate any Release Notes or readme’s when a new version of Cache Server is released, so I don’t know if any new versions specifically say whether it is or isn’t backwards compatible.

I’d like to not blow away all the existing cached objects when upgrading to new version of Cache Server. What does the community who’ve used the Cache Server for a while now do?

We do not use the Asset Server, just FYI.



Hey thanks for the reply!

It’s been so long we’d already gone ahead and did testing/experimentation on our own, and in fact we have moved to Cache Server 5.

It is backwards compatible, in that it basically comes with 2 JS scripts, one the new cache server that only works with Unity 5, and a “Legacy” cache server that can continue to serve Unity 4.x editors (and keep using the old cached objects directory from previous Cache Server 4.x installations). One main.js file launches both the new and legacy cache servers, they both listen on two separate ports so there’s no wire-crossing. So yeah def migrate!

In my experience, if you move from any version of 4.x to any other version of 4.x, it will continue to work fine. If a cached asset fails to load, it will simply be recompiled and the cached version will be updated.

I have not, however, moved to Unity 5 yet. I understand Unity 5 has a new Cache Server, so I’m not sure that it will work with the Unity 4 Cache Server.

What I’d like to know is if the Unity 5 Cache Server is backward compatible with Unity 4. That would seem to be the best choice. Gain the improvements of the Unity 5 version while still being able to leverage the benefits in Unity 4.

Hope that’s somewhat helpful.

We just updated to Unity Cache Server 5.2.1 from 5.1.2, and when I opened my project for the first time, it had to re-import every asset again even though I know it’s connected to the cache server. Why is this? I thought each new version of the cache server was backwards compatible with previous versions.

I noticed each version of the cache server comes with a file like this:


Do I need to keep all of those versions in my cache server folder for it to work for all the different versions of Unity we use?

Or maybe there was a big change with how caching is working with 5.2.1 that needed all files to be re-cached. Either way it would be nice to know. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


I need an answer to this one as well.
I am using around 12 versions of Unity (please don’t ask why), pretty much everything from 4.6.9 up to 2017.2.0, and often find myself in need of a cache server.

However, I would like to know if I actually need a cache server for each version of Unity I am using, or just a couple, if not only one, are enough. Also, which version(s) should I use, that work with several versions of the Unity editor.

Thank you