Unity Camera messing with my models

When an object is inbetween the field of view of the camera, so half of it is in the view range and half isnt, for some reason the camera looks inside the model. How can i fix this so that it just cuts off, rather than looking inside the model.

My current problem : Screenshot - eba6ac655422336fe788baf92e80db63 - Gyazo
Screenshot - ceddad8a70cd083f74610d30d576d820 - Gyazo

How i want it to look : Screenshot - 0f5432eb40950421f620cf27890f257f - Gyazo
Screenshot - 795ce005b4d9036e1a382fd458db7cf6 - Gyazo

In the camera inspection window there is an option of Near for Clipping Planes. Its default to like 0.3, you need to change it to the lowest setting to 0.01.