Unity cannot remove com.unity.xr.oculus.android package

I’ve been trying to upgrade my project from the legacy Oculus Android implementation to the Oculus XR Plugin and the Loader.

Whenever I remove the com.unity.xr.oculus.android package, it keeps coming back.

In order to remove it, I need to uninstall the XR plugin, then the Package Manager registers that it knows I have the Android plugin. I then remove that one.

I restart.

When I come back, I have no Oculus implementation and my files are all failing to compile because of dependencies.

At this point, I add back the XR plugin and for some reason Unity adds the Android plugin as well.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Assembly with name ‘Unity.XR.Oculus.Editor’ already exists (Packages/com.unity.xr.oculus.android/Editor/Unity.XR.Oculus.Editor.asmdef)
Assembly with name ‘Unity.XR.Oculus.Editor’ already exists (Packages/com.unity.xr.oculus/Editor/Unity.XR.Oculus.Editor.asmdef)

Same issues here.
But ill add a load more info on the issue.

Assembly with name 'Unity.XR.Oculus.Editor' already exists (Packages/com.unity.xr.oculus.android/Editor/Unity.XR.Oculus.Editor.asmdef)
Assembly with name 'Unity.XR.Oculus.Editor' already exists (Packages/com.unity.xr.oculus/Editor/Unity.XR.Oculus.Editor.asmdef)
XR Plugin Managment: 'There are no installed plugin providers available for this platform' Dispite saying 'Oculus XR Plugin       Installed'

Any, Known to be on both PC and Android Build Targets.
Unity: 2019.3.0f3 Personal using Preview Packages
com.unity.xr.legacyinputhelpers version 2.0.2

Library Caches: 
Script Assemblies:
   both com.unity.xr.oculus.android and com.unity.xr.oculus are not found.

Fixes: (Old, See Bottom)
None that I can see.
Removing the package caches manually does not prevent one from being re-generated.
Attempting to re-install has no difference in error.
Switching between Build Targets has no effect.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a project,
goto File>Build Settings, Click 'Player Settings...' goto 'XR Plugin Management' install the manager
try to install the Oculus SDK, this will attempt to install both packages at the same time, no way to disable either.

   com.unity.xr.oculus.android/Editor/OculusBuildProcessor.cs is incased with a '#if UNITY_ANDROID' however com.unity.xr.oculus/Editor/OculusBuildProcessor.cs contains no #if enclosure.

after switching to the PC Build Target then manually removing the com.unity.xr.oculus.android packet cache I was able to build and run the pc version, then switching back to the android version fixed itself and i was able ot build and run the android one too.

The same error occurred installing the “XR Plugin Management” on Unity 2019.3.0f6, target platform Android (Oculus Quest).

I fixed by terminating every Unity process and deleting directories at

C:\Users\ {username}\AppData\Local\Unity\cache\packages\packages.unity.com\com.unity.xr.*

I couldn’t build or play in editor due to this error, so please consider deleting few files from the cache.

same problem, did you fix it?

Can someone PLEASE FIX THIS?! What the F is up with that, everytime I delete the android folder (because I do NOT need it) it auto-reinstalls upon recompile. STOP IT!!!

same problem, no removal methods helped, Can someone PLEASE FIX THIS?!

Hi everyones ! ! !

Please help, it is crazy that nobody found a solution…

Cannot run in play mode on the QUEST2 because of this…

Anyone ? Really ?