Unity can't connect to SteamVR with Pico 4

Hello! I have a problem connecting Pico 4 to Unity via SteamVR.
I use the following chain of connections:

Pico 4 - Streaming Assistant - SteamVR - Unity.

SteamVR recognizes the glasses as Pico 4, not Oculus Quest 2.
When I press Play button in editor, Unity goes into infinite loading.
There are errors in the log file:


When I was using Virtual Desktop, SteamVR saw Pico 4 as Oculus Quest 2 (or Rift) Launching play mode was no problem.

There are no messages in the SteamVR web console when running Unity play mode.

Download the Pico OpenXR plugin from their site and add the pico controller profile to desktop OpenXR settings in order to get streaming assistent to work great

Do you know where I can find the Pico OpenXR plugin you mean? I can only find the "PICO Unity Integration SDK", which is probably not the thing you meant.

Due to a bug it has been removed. Potentially untill October :/
In your pico link software turn on or off (forgot which one) the compatibility software. Otherwise input won't work unless you use the steamvr package.
Or use virtual desktop to stream to the headset

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Thanks for the tip. We'll go further with this.

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Hi, I have a similar problem, when downloading and installing the plugin, the choice of PICO controllers doesn't appear. The compatibility option is enabled, but doesn't help. Unity freezes when trying to launch via Streaming Assistant, but works with Virtual Desktop. Has anyone managed to run all this? If yes, what versions of programs and packages do you use?

Did you install the new pico openXR package?
And does it work when using q2 controllers?