Unity can't find/load New Input System's scripts

So I installed the new Input System (preview.7 -1.0.0) from the package manager using Unity 2019.2.5f1.

And when I want to add the InputSystemUiInputModule to a gameObject as a component, I get the following error message:
“Can’t add script component ‘InputSystemUiInputModule’ because the script class cannot be found. Make sure that there are no compile errors and that the file name and class name match.”

The file name and class names match, and its a fresh install, no modifications in those classes. Also tried reinstalling the package, and it won’t solve the issue.

Also, on regular StandaloneInputModule components a button appears to change the module to the new input system’s own module (same as above) and then the module appears but with missing fields.

Hope some of you knows a solution for this. Thanks in advance.

alt text

You have to add it through the package manager.

Can someone help us please, i’m stuck here too