Unity can't run on Mac mini. Please help

So I download unity 4.5.5 on my mac and then when I start up the program it says it can’t connect to the license server and every time I save the license and I click on it while loading it, it won’t load. I am using my Mac mini OS X 10.10. Can someone at least explain what I am doing wrong? It may just be that I might have downloaded it wrong or my Mac mini does not like Unity for some odd reason.

Try “unity cant connect license server”. Lots of nice-looking replies there.

The problem is you may be assuming it’s some sort of mac-mini specific hardware issue. And there may be, later. But I’m pretty sure loading Unity hasn’t made your machine too weak to get onto the internet.

Never mind I got it to work.

1: Make sure your a administrator.

2: Uninstall and reinstall Unity for mac mini.

3: Start up Unity and it should work.

Yes, there is a mac mini version of Unity, It was just my Mac mini blocked me from the license servers. I am sorry if this took so long.