Unity Car Tutorial bug. (Car flickers when collided)

Hey all. Im just a beginner with Unity3D and 3D gaming. I was just learning and using the car tutorial on unity 3d that can be found on http://unity3d.com/support/resources/tutorials/car-tutorial.html to create a similar project.

The problem is that, when car collides with the road side, the scene starts flickering. like the car is still getting the throttle.

can anyone please reply me how to stop that flickering of the car.!!

Thanks in Advance. ...LIVEN...

I never fully investigated the problem, but I believe this is caused by the follow-camera always attempting to move behind the car, and the car velocity changing rapidly from positive to negative and vice-versa.

There is also a bug in Car.js which I think exacerbates this problem (the car accelerates when the throttle isn't being pressed). I believe the logic there should be something like this instead:

if (throttle == 0) {
    // Mathf.Sign returns 1 when a value is 0, (also happens in HaveTheSameSign)
    // this causes inappropriate acceleration unless we check whether throttle is 0 first... :-/
} else if (HaveTheSameSign(relativeVelocity.z, throttle)) {
    if (!handbrake) {
        throttleForce = Mathf.Sign(throttle) * currentEnginePower * rigidbody.mass;
else {
    brakeForce = Mathf.Sign(throttle) * engineForceValues[0] * rigidbody.mass;

Not sure this will totally solve the problem, but it might help.

Hi Matthew ,can you please tell me where to put the code change ? im lost :()