Unity Car Tutorial how do i load into unity

Greetings and Salutations, I'm new to unity all i know is the basics like taking the models i made in max and import it t unity an doing the basics to set the scene nothing all big, but i made a bunch o cars in 3d max and wanna do the first game as a racing/twisted metal type of game so i got a hold of the car tutorial and don't have a clue had to load the folder in unity a lil help plz thanx in advance sinsir

You have 2 options for loading a project in Unity.

  • Either navigate to the file in Finder or Explorer and double click on one of the scenes (They have the Unity logo as an icon, I think they are .unity). Unity will open and prompt you to open this project.

  • Open Unity, Click "File/Open Project" when it brings up the selection box, chose "Open Other" and then find the Project folder in Finder Or Explorer. When You have the folder selected note this will include an assets folder and a library folder click "choose" then back in the selection box choose "Open" and Unity will load your resources and open the project.