Unity Cardboard bug on Nexus 6: U.I of previous scene is remained on view when new Cardboard scene is loaded

I develop VR app by using Unity and Cardboard SDK.

My first scene is a non-Cardboard-VR scene contains U.I dropdown list and confirm button.

When I execute loadLevel() to the Cardboard VR scene, my previous scene’s U.I will still be remained on the view, in corrupted form, behind the rectangular VR cameras, like this one:

I try to use “hacked way” - destroy game objects before loadLevel executes, but the problem remains still.

This bug is only happen on Nexus 6. I built my this VR app on Moto G, Samsung Note 2, Note 3, Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

Seems like it is a Cardboard rendering bug.

I am with the last version of the both and have the same problem , anyone knows how to solve this ?

I solved the bug myself.

This issue was solved by updating my Unity 5 Pro to v5.1.0f3 and latest Cardboard SDK for Unity v0.5.