Unity Cardboard Jitter on Android


I have been starting to try and run applications using the google cardboard SDK, using Unity 5.2.2f1 . I have the cardboard main camera set up and working, and the view looks fine when run on the PC in unity. When I run it on my Android phone, there is a jitter in each lens - As though the scene is slightly shaking. This also happens when the phone is just on the desk (so not a consequence of my moving my head). I have tried changing various settings, including the “Update Early” setting in the Cardboard head script on Head in Cardboard Main (There is a reference in the documentation about possible jitter related to this setting).

Has anyone encountered this?


If you are using a Morolora Phone, there is a fabrication problem with some the gyroscopic used in motorola, is unfixable… we are suffering the same issue :s