Unity changed size of all my box colliders to {2,2,2} when i changed the editor version


I had a project 3d on editor Unity-2022-2.1f and i changed my editor version to Unity-2022-1.21f because the issue of OBI on that editor.

Now I found that Unity automatically had changed all my Box Collider size and set them to (2,2,2) and i cant figure out why its going on and that just happened for Box Collider, not other type of Colliders.

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Happens to me as well every time I downgrade a project to an older version…

Happens to me as well when I change engine version to lower one. I was used 2022.2.14, and I change to 2021.3.11…

Same thing just happened to me. Downgrading should be preceded by a notification that all your box colliders WILL BE RESET TO 2 2 2