Unity changes pixel colors

Hi guys!
I ave a following problem: when I import my pixel perfect textures to scene, some of the pixels change color, and I can`t find out why.
Here is an example.
The sprite:

How it looks in unity:

And here are my settings for import: http://imgur.com/FqS2Brs

I am doing everything as told, using POT size, and import settings from different threads and I can`t get it to work.
Any ideas? Might my Photoshop Settings be wrong?

If you look at the bottom of your settings window it shows the image is “DXT5 compressed”. Click on the “default” tab above that and change the format to one of the uncompressed formats.

I faced a similar problem here, but the only thing I did to fix it was convert the Color Profile of my document to “Adobe RGB”.

Photoshop: Edit > Convert to Profile