unity cinema4d animation problem

I'm going batty!

Every c4d animation I make with iK is twitchy when brought into Unity. Tried and failed:

Cinema4d with fbx and with .c4d format. Versions of cinema4D 11, 11.5 and 12.0

Tried baking manually and with the unity wiki script. I've also tried the new c4dtoFBXconverter12. keyframes are twitchy and not smooth in Unity. In Cinema 4D, they're perfect. How do I fix this?

I'm desperate to find a solution.

or, is there a way to bake IK in Lightwave 9.6?

Hello, I have the exact same problem with twitchiness.

See this thread for info (with a pic to explain) : http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/77713-Unity-creates-quot-stair-quot-shaped-curves-on-FBX-C4D-import

It seems to come from an interpolation bug under position curves. I filed a bug report on this, case 391341.

Hope to have an answer soon, as it is creating 2 Keyframes per timeline frame, causing massive memory problems, and of course visual animation stutters.

There is a Known issue with exporting animated characters that use the Joints in Cinema4D 10 & up into unity. Try using the old bones system if posibly.

For Lightwave download the motionbaker script, From MentalFish.com but after baking, you will have to manually disable IK on the bones. The motionbaker script will come in handy if you have any type of motion modifiers attached to your rigs that needs to be baked down to keyframes before export.

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Case closed for me :

I tried the FBX exporter of Cinema 4D R12 (versus R11 before), and now twitchiness anymore. No more stairshaped curves anymore either.

Problem came from a bad exporter before R12.