Unity Cloud Build Auto Deploy WebGL to my Server

I am hosting my WebGL app on a server that allows FTP to upload the files. I have been using that to deploy the files that get built from Unity.

I am now using Unity Cloud Build to build the files.

I would like to know if there is some automated process I can add into the Unity Cloud Build that will automatically FTP all the files directly to my server, so I don’t have to download the files to my computer from the Unity Cloud Build and then upload them via FTP to the server.

Hello i think you can use webhook Webhooks and Slack Notifications in Unity Cloud Build | Unity Blog

binded to your personnal webService, then take the download link from the webrequest of the current build and push it on your FTP.

I give it a try soon

Extending CrymX’s answer,
With unity cloud build’s successful build webhook you receive in the JSON’s body the build direct download link for example at response.links.artifacts[0].files[0].href

Alternatively you can configure this pipeline that also works: unity cloud build success webhook hits your endpoint → get build api-url in your endpoint → hit unity cloud build API with that build api-url to get the direct download link to the build.

These links cover the logic needed for this:
Basic logic for hitting unity cloud build API:

User doing exactly this pipeline to serve the build to “HockeyApp”:

Link to the server-side script he used:

I hope this helps someone!

Thank you for your help.