Unity Cloud Build for OSX Universal: Code signing

I would like to use UCB for our production builds. Our app needs to be code signed. Is this possible with UCB for OS X Universal?

When looking at the Support for UCB & iOS apps there is a clear guide on how to do this. It seems this is not possible in builds for Mac.
Reference: In this part it clearly describes how you provide your provisioning / p12: https://build-beta.cloud.unity3d.com/support/guides/ios/

Is there a similar functionality for OS X universal apps through UCB?

Extra question: How does the signing for iOS work? How does UCB ensures the .p12 file is used. I have a tool jemast.com domain name is for sale. Inquire now. which allows me to indicate in post process that it should be signed, but I’m assuming I should be able to refer to the .p12 file in the same way. I have the impression for OS X Universal it could work in the same way.

P.S: I am enrolled in the Apple program and I have signed our build before, but not through UCB.

@HaverbekeC I just went through the process of provisioning/code singing an iOS application directly in unity cloud build then loaded to app store connect with the xCode application loader. This all worked great, but now I want to do the same thing for Mac. Did you ever get this to work? Thanks