Unity Cloud Build with git submodule


I’m trying to build unity project which uses a git submodule. Both main repository and submodule have SSH keys set. Every time Cloud Build is trying to build the project, I get an error:

remote: Invalid username or password.
If you log in via a third party
service you must ensure you have an
account password set in your account
profile. 17: fatal: Authentication

I’ve tried to set up several projects with different submodules. Each time I get the same result. Is Cloud Build at all compatible with git submodules? Did I miss some settings somewhere?

I found the answer in these threads…

You need to change your git repo link in your .gitmodules file to the git@ syntax instead of git:// or https://
For example…


After this change my cloud build started working again. Good luck!

I get the same error now that I’ve added a submodule to my repo’. Like @radwaniecki I added the SSH key to the submodule repo’ too but it didn’t help. Both of my repo’s are on bitbucket.

Has anybody managed to get a submodule working with Unity Cloud Build?