Unity collab commit did not update all changes

I’m working on a project on 2 PCs and use Unity Collab to share it across the 2 PCs. Last night I did major changes to my scripts. Scripts A, B, C, D and E were updates but F and G did not.

Now I’m getting errors because the old methods on scripts A-F don’t exist and F and G refer to them. Why didn’t they update?

PS: When I last commit changes my project was error free on my other PC. Now I have dozens of error after updating the project.

Same issue. I have a whole directory of new scripts I wrote and none of them are getting updated to Collab. In Project panel, Unity puts a funny grey overlay box on the folder and the scripts in the folder after Collab searches for changes on startup… I think I have a hypothesis (came to me as I wrote), the folder is named obj, probably there is an ignore for the build\obj folder that is ignoring this folder even though it is in a deep hierarchy of folders.
I am going to check this out.