Unity Collab Error: "Request timed out." when trying to upload a bigger-than-normal sized push update


I’ve been unsuccesfully trying to push an update on my Unity 2018.2.2f1 lately. The size of the update is around 230 MB and I recently integrated Wwise into my project (that’s the reason why the update is bigger than usual).

I’m working via DSL connection (copper wired, 300 KB/s, excuse my third-worldly connection) and everytime I try to push the 230 MB update Unity uploads around 30 MB and then starts to show the avobe-mentioned issue. Then, Unity says it lost the link to the project and if I put my cursor over the Collab button, it says “Operation was cancelled.”

I’m stuck on my college proyect due to this issue and the deadline is November 21, so if you have an idea of what the solution could be please let me know!!

Thank y’ all!

UPDATE: Unity is unlinking Collaborate in the middle of the push. I noticed because I had the Collaborate window open.

Any idea?