Unity Collision Failing?

Is there anyway who knows why this is happening and how to be solved?
These are simply 2 box colliders clearly intersecting for no reason i know of.
A response will be very welcome.

Thats looks like a bug. Try deleting both cubes, save the scene/project and close. Open and try again creating new cubes. If the problem persist you can add other collider, like mesh collider, or a capsulle collider

Try going to Edit> Project Settings> Physics and change the “Min Penetration for Penalty” to a lower value. Keep it greater than 0 though other wise the cubes will constantly repel each other.

Can confirm this happens on my end, too:

  1. Create a new project with default physics settings
  2. Create an empty scene.
  3. GameObject > Create Other > Plane
  4. GameObject > Create Other > Cube
  5. Attach a Rigidbody to the cube
  6. Duplicate the cube
  7. Arrange the cubes directly above each other (and the plane)

When the cubes fall, they may penetrate each other slightly. I’d take a screen cap, but it would be a pretty close duplicate of OP’s.

This is because Unity’s physics simulation isn’t perfect. It is, after all, only a real-time simulation.

You can adjust your project’s physics settings a bit: