Unity collision still allowing some overlap

Hi, I’m making a basic 2D top down shooter style game and I’ve run into an annoying issue where my player can still be inside of the enemy when moving into it. I’ve tried changing the movement to use a rigid body and that hasn’t worked. I’ve added a gif to better explain what’s going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.192285-ezgif-2-32c1d169ad-1.gif

Change on your player Rigidbody2d collisionDetection from Discrete to Continuous.
When the Collision Detection is set to Continuous, GameObjects with Rigidbody 2Ds and Collider 2Ds do not pass through each other during an update. Instead, Unity calculates the first impact point of any of the Collider 2Ds, and moves the GameObject there. Note that this takes more CPU time than Discrete.