Unity Connect Discontinuing, Breaks Unity Learn Videos?

It seems since Unity Connect’s discontinuation (Feb 4th 2021) the Unity learn videos are no longer available. I assume because they were hosted through Unity connect

Is there anywhere else to find these videos? I’ve checked Unity’s Youtube channel but no luck so far

Edit: I’m looking specifically for the Junior Programmer pathway courses


Logged on just now to check if the videos are working and I can see them on my phone!

Would love some others to double check to make sure?

The Unity Learn tutorials are available on the Unity Hub in the Learn section and in Tutorials. I assume the videos are there too, but the tutorials are definitely still up. @jonreeves350

Yes, it seems that all Pluralsight Videos are not accessible at the moment, I hope it get fixed soon!

yeah unable to access unity junior programmer path way videos i was in the middle of the course ,yeah i was watching the unity junior programmer path way tutorials and suddenly the site slowed down and videos not working

Impossible to watch any video of the unity junior programmer. I hope unity solve this inconvenient soon.