Unity constantly shows errors even though game runs fine

Hello, I recently encountered a weird problem with Unity 2017.2.

I decided to change the name of my script, and suddenly, Unity started showing me a massive amount of errors, nullReferenceExceptions, outOfRange exceptions, etc. even though my game still runs exactly as it did before, without any of the so-called errors affecting the game at all. I tried changing the name back, reloading the scene, restarting unity, restarting my pc, reimporting all assets, reassigning all the components of my script, and it still happens all the time.
Can anybody help me with this? I guess it doesn’t actually cause any problems, but it makes debugging impossible when the log is filled with fake errors.

You should connect the debugger, figure out what values are null that shouldn’t be, what indices are being accessed incorrectly, etc, and fix them. My guess is the issue is script execution order related; multiple Start() methods running concurrently, trying to access properties that aren’t assigned yet.

Anyway, it’s important to fix those. The Editor will keep running when exceptions are thrown, but in a build they’ll cause it to crash.