Unity CourseWare little problems

Hello, i’ve tried to search an answer for these questions everywhere but i could not find them.
i’ve seen the explanation on the first chapter on how to manage the videos but the only command that i found is the one for the quality (no large picture button or volume ecc), is only me or others have the same problem?
always related to this is i’m good with english but to be sure of what i’m understanding i’d prefer to see subtitles…there’s an option to activate them?
lastaly, this is more me misunderstanding i think,the courseware (the 3 months subscription) start a countdown from my first login to the 91° day from that day or is a time limit (with 2160 hours) course?
Thank you for your time
(p.s. i’m not sure the topics are the right either,but could not think of others)

@Ailander you are right, there is no fullscreen button nor cc button on Courseware videos, which makes it hard for me to read all that text on the screen. I checked it on Chrome, Firefox and IE incase it was a browser specific problem. It looks like it’s all the same on all of the browsers.

Still nothing?!