Unity crash problem

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Unity Crash Problem

When I start unity it starts normaly but when i try to do something it makes the computer freeze (I can zoome and create "new scene" but nothing else). I have to hold the start button and force the computer to shut down. It happens every time I start unity.

Do I need a special update or dosen't it work on windows vista? The computer can't be to slow (on this I have 2.0Ghz Duo, 3Gb RAM, 256Mb Graphic card)

I have reported a bug and support but I havent got an anwser yet.

What is this?

I have a similar problem only mine only crashes when i goto open or create a new project. I'm using win 7 and I have unity 2.6

Hello staff and everyone. Unity 3.2 reboot or shut down my computer everytime i try to update the "3D platform tutorial" to this Unity version. The tutorial was downloaded yesterday (16/02/2011) along with Unity 3.2.

System Spec: Windows 7 Home Premium running on AMD Athlon x2, 3 GB Ram, 156 GB free disk space and absolutely nothing but the minimum (windows services) running in the background. DX10 version updated with webinstaller (latest version DX10)

It worked fine with "2D Gameplay Tutorial" when i updated this project.

Way i try to update a project in Unity3d: Just double click on the unity .exe in /escene . Then Unity ask to update the project to 3.2, it start normaly then around the assets part it shut down my computer.

Any comment on the subject is welcome.