Unity Crash - Project at stand-still

I crashed my 3.1... power failure.

Thought installing 3.2 in a separate folder would put me back to work… alas, no.

Error: (when I press play, on any project, backups, side projects, ...)

      • Invalid editor window UnityEditor.GameView
      • UnityEditor.EditorApplicationLayout:FinalizePlaymodeLayout()


Installed in: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity32\Editor\Unity.exe”

Start in: - - -“C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity32\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines”

            • -[3.1 is in a parallel setup (…Unity31…)]

Detail: I had not installed the 3.1 update, because 3.2 was on the way. I installed 3.2 after the crash in a separate folder. The install obviously uses existing files in previous setup to at least build the Open Projects startup panel... what might it have picked in the old setup, or what common file is corrupted that cause this deadly error.

In the mean time I will see about the 'layout option' ... I have had nasty crashes in the past, and resetting the layout does wonders in many instances. Debug crashes often cause to have to kill processes, while the screen image is rolling like an old TV having a fit. I know... sounds a bit far-fetched, but true nonetheless.

Thank you for saving me...

Wow! Magic! ...too good to be true.

I clicked on a different Unity Windows Layout on a small project that failed, it now works as before.

3.2 did convert the project before loading it.

Going to delete my favorite personal layout, and recreate it...

I am still not home yet, my main project converted, but left me with only the main cam in the hierarchy?!

All files are on disk… gonna have to spin on that and see what transpired.