Unity Crash: Scene is Now Missing??

I was working with some lighting, about to do a new lightmap run on a terrain scene, and unity crashed. Probably to do with the lighting and RAM etc

However, when I brought it back up, the entire scene is missing! In Build Settings it’s listed, but unchecked and grey – trying to check it does nothing. I can’t find it on my computer, in the trash, or anywhere else.

Is this a known bug, or something that I can get back? It’s been a good week since I last backed up and I made a LOT of progress that I’d like to not re-do.

I can only say that I have been in your shoes once. After I had been editing in the scene for quiet some time, Unity crashed for some reason which I can’t remember. When I loaded my project all my Inspector assignments was either removed or changed to default which was incredibly frustrating because in our projects we had hundred of inspector assignments. I can’t give you much advice on this topic, because I actually think it is some kind of bug that occurs due to corrupted scene files or something like that. The only thing I could do was to use an older backup, which meant I lost a days work or so.

Since this was one of the first results in google i didn’t know what to do at first. And probably made it worse. So I’m referring to the other post with the right answers.

Main things to do.

  • Do not open or close the editor
  • Do not move copy or delete files from the drive you have your project on. In other words do not touch the drive. (This could prevent the recovery too fail permanently on the file)

The last scene played is in the Temp folder in the project, called “__EditModeScene”, which can be renamed to “Whatever.unity” and loaded as a normal scene file.

If it is not there anymore the other way is to use a disk Recovery tool (free) found on the internet.

Ugh. It happened again. This time to a prototype game I was working on. I googled to find a possible solution and simply found my post from 2013. LAME. I’m pretty sure all the scripts are still there, and my prefabs, however, so it’s just the scene…not as bad as it could have been.

same here 4 of my scenes are missing i was getting a light transport failed message and i was using a height map terrain so i changed the light parameters from very low to low then had no compiler errors but when i hit play it said i had a compiler error i checked in the console no errors so i checked the scenes i deleted one of them which was missing prefabs after that i went back to my game scene ate some breakfast then came back and they were all gone except the game scene which was open

Wow, just had this happen to me too. There are no words to describe just how infuriating and painful it is to have your work just…disappear.

The more I work with Unity, the more I learn a very important lesson: Never trust Unity, with anything. Constant disappointment and frustration, with routine and significant setbacks that happen for no reason. Just opened my project to a blank scene. No camera, nothing.

I have never worked with a program where one minute it’s fine and the next it just erases your work. Not simply the progress you’ve made since the last save, but everything. Photoshop had a bug a few years back where it would randomly corrupt the content within your layers adding black squares everywhere and to everything, raster, smart objects, everything, but at least even in that completely ridiculous display of development ineptitude, Photoshop would sometimes save your work in the TEMP folder or leave a couple layers untouched. But this is on another level or 2 entirely.

Everything in my scene is just randomly gone, and there isn’t even a way to recover it outside of the manual backups and VC I’ve made days ago.

The moral of the story: DO NOT TRUST UNITY, YOUR PROJECT IS CONSTANTLY AT RISK. Manually back up your projects each and every day and commit your changes in VC multiple times a day, because you never know when you’ll have to pick up the pieces Unity falls into. And mark my words, it will. You don’t want to have to be where I am now redoing days worth of work, or worse.