Unity crash

I have made a camera plugin for android . When i open camera plugin camera will open and allow me to take photos.But after taking photo when i press the ok button it is showing me the following error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError on unity sendmessage sunction.

This is only happened in case of Moto g 2nd generaton with android lollypop os.
I have checked it in other photo like samsung tab2 , moto e . This is working fine in all those phone.

i think this is due to the native camera plugin.i searched in google and in one forum i found that , unity applications are open gl application ,which is heavy to process it, in android if someone open the camera using Intent,then the parent native unity activity is killed by Os. once it is closed, the call back activity does not find UnitySendMessage function . which gives the above error. To overcome this issues I used android surfaceview to open camera. i think it is the only way .

If some one know better solution please provide me.