Unity crashed entire scene lost

Please someone tell me is there a way to retrieve a scene that was lost due to a crash?
It’s been days since my last backup and had just about conquered some seriously frustrating bits and pieces.If you need more info I will do my best I just wanted to keep my question short and to the point.

OK nevermind,I searched the forums and people were sayin “Find EditModeScene in the temp file” which i coul;dn’t find but I downloaded a file recovery prog called recuva and got it back that way,I am soooooo relieved,I almost cried LOL

Here is the forum post regarding suggested unity recovery Editor Crash: Where is Scene Data kept? - Unity Answers

and here is the site I found with general file recovery solutions How to Recover Missing, Lost, or Deleted Files

Recuva (Which is free as long as you don’t require support) worked really well for me but there are other options on this site that might work better for other people.

Under windows8 I was able to recover the EditModeScene using the “Restore files or folders using File History” Backup and Restore in Windows - Microsoft Support