Unity crashes after setting true the UI panel

Hi everyone. I have an issue with Unity. My android mobile game crashes after I click a button, that opens a panel with other ui elements. My game waits for about a 5 seconds and then just crashes. On my computer its working perfectly. I dont have any while methods in any of my scripts, my drawcalls are not too high, its between 18 and 31 ( i created some sprite atlases ). I dont really know what the problem could be. Please help.
video example: Desktop 2022 01 11 20 24 45 03 Trim - YouTube 191142-devenv-cbvfj3vffa.png

I suppose that, this information is not enough to help you, because mistake could be anywhere in your code. My advice is to install Android Studio and just run your game through wire on your device and check console in Android studio for any errors or stacktrace.

but its actually everything that is contacting with my panels and buttons, only this four voids in store script, i can put full store script here, there arent any other scripts.

I figured it out. The problem was, as I thought, not in the number of elements or the script. Just a bug in the engine. Updated from 2020 to 2021 Unity Editor and everything works perfectly, no freezes and no crashes!