Unity crashes due to: Could not load symbol mono_unity_unlock_dynamic_function_access_table64,Unity crash due to "mono_unity_unlock_dynamic_function_access_table64"

I have a project that sometimes starts normally, but sometimes crashes on the start or during the return to the first scene; I can’t figure why. When it startes crashing it shows this error: “Could not load symbol mono_unity_unlock_dynamic_function_access_table64 : Impossible to find the specified procedure” and then crashes. The built exe crashes also sometimes.,My Unity project sometimes starts, but sometimes crashes on start or when returning to the initial scene. I can’t figure out why: when it crashes, it shows this error for a second and then it crashes: “Could not load symbol mono_unity_unlock_dynamic_function_access_table64 : impossible to find the specified procedure”

I just had the same issue, except it was crashing every time I pressed “play”.
I found the cause by putting a breakpoint in the Start() function of my player-object’s script. Turned out the script was infinitely allocating memory, then crashed unity because it was trying to allocate unavailable memory.

This may be the same issue for you, but the cause I can’t help you with.
Note: (assuming Windows) you can find Unity Editor logs at %AppData%\Local\Unity\Editor and Crash logs at %AppData%\Local\Temp\Unity\Editor\Crashes