Unity crashes Firefox

Around 1 hour after I open Unity it fills my system drive so I have no space whatsoever. At this point Firefox crashes and wont open again until I restart the computer. After I restart the computer the drive is normal again, but all cookies are deleted. I tried different Unity versions with no luck. Does anyone have the same problem?

it fills my system drive

Uhm, how much free disk space do you have left before you open Unity? Many complex applications require quite a bit free disk space. In addition if you don’t have much system memory your operating system might even create a memory swap file on your harddrive. Usually it’s recommended to have at least 10% to 20% free disk space. Though of course it depends on the actual capacity.

The crash of unrelated applications like Firefox is most likely not a direct consequence of Unity but simply the fact that you run out of disk space. There are several reasons why your diskspace might explode when you use Unity:

  • You have something that in your project that logs tons of messages to the console. This will make the editor log grow very fast. If this happens all the time the file might grow to several GB.
  • If you have the profiler running and you are deep profiling a very complex task, the memory usage can explode which could result in a large memory swap file.

So I would highly recommend you make sure you have enough free disk space. Though regardless you might want to check your project for logs / warning / exceptions which are thrown on a per frame basis.

Remove unnecessary Debug.Log calls as they are bad for performance in general.