Unity crashes on startup - Unity 2018.3.6f1 (64-bit) - Solved


I just download unity and tried to create a new project. Then the editor load all packages but after that nothing happens. When I open it again, it shows a error message “opening project in non-matching editor installation”.

I check the windows task manager and unity.exe is not there. I tried restart my computer, disconnect the internet before opening unity, uninstall unity and delete all files then install again, tried to delete the UnityLockfile in temp, tried to open a tutorial project, running as administrator, but nothing solved it.

Somebody know what is the cause and how to solve it?



I tested a few things here and I found the cause of the problem.

It seems that my graphics card is incompatible with Unity. Mine is Geforce GT 720m. When I tested with the integrated graphics (intel) it worked just fine. So if anyone is having similar problem, test with other graphic card.